Free mapping technology for students

We are committed to supporting students develop their knowledge and skills of GIS technology. To enable this, we offer students with the opportunity to sign up to a free one year starter account, worth £363. To get started, all you need is a valid educational email address.


  • One Year Free License

    As a student you will have access to an Azimap Starter License worth £363 per annum.

  • Learning Resources

    Develop your practical knowledge of GIS by accessing Azimap's free learning resources and online tutorials.

  • Student Support

    Our student support team are here to help you get started, to ensure you get the most from your free license.

  • Personal & Career Development

    Enhance your career prospects by investing time to learn a new technology and develop your practical skills of GIS.

  • Student Community Maps

    Create and share your maps with us to have your map featured and promoted within our explore section.


  • Map Creation

    Map Creation

    Import your data into Azimap to visualise, analyse, interpret and establish relationships, patterns, and trends in your spatial data.

  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    Manage, publish and share your spatial data using Azimap's suite of publishing tools and display your data on a baselayer which best contextualises your data.

  • Spatial Analysis

    Spatial Analysis

    Quickly gain insights into your spatial data, to establish relationships in your spatial data and action the necessary remedial action.

  • Integrate with existing infrastructures

    Integrate with existing infrastructures

    Synchronise your data in real-time, integrate with existing processes and create a secure centralised database for all of your location data.

  • Valuing location as part of your education

    Getting started has never been easier, all you need is a valid educational institute email address. Once you have registered and verified your account you can start to work immediately on visualising and analysing your data.

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Our Customers

  • Kildare County Council
  • Envo-Geo
  • Mallon Technology
  • Meath Field Names Project