Azimap takes over the GEO Business Show

Mon 30th May 2016

After a busy few days at the GEO Business Show the Azimap team have returned to our head-quarters, motivated and extremely overwhelmed by the industries response to the Azimap GI Software.

The GEO Business Show, is an annual two-day conference which takes place in London, it is the fastest growing geospatial event in the industries calendar and attracts thousands of global visitors,.

The show attracts delegates from multiple disciplines including GI consultants and professionals, governmental departments, lecturers, architects, surveyors and marketers just to highlight a few. During the course of the two days’ delegates have the opportunity to attend keynote presentations, workshops and network with their peers.

This year the Azimap team exhibited in the newly formed GIS zone where we provided attendees with the opportunity to avail of a personalised demonstration and to sign-up for a 30-day free trial of the professional subscription. The response to this was phenomenal which resulted in a 55% increase in users of the Azimap GIS software, 77% increase in website visits and 18,900 social media impressions.

From the minute the doors opened, the team were kept on their toes as visitors waited patiently to receive their demonstration of the Azimap GIS. The feedback from visitors particularly about the advanced features such as how to create doughnuts, link to external databases and the what3words integration was encouraging. With many remaking on ease of use, process simplicity, cleanliness of the user interface and most importantly how it compared with alternative competitor GI solutions both in terms of product features and cost.

Azimap also attracted the attention from data analysts, who were specifically interested in exploring opportunities to integrate Azimap with alternative software to extend reporting capabilities.

Moving away from the stand, we hosted a workshop on how to create, edit and publish spatial data in contextual form specifically related to the public sector. The response to this was extremely positive, with only standing room remaining and most importantly an engaged audience who asked questions relating to API integration, the process for importing shape files, enterprise level subscriptions and hosting options.

The team even made time for fun thanks to Elaine Ball Technical Marketing Ltd who successfully managed to transform our GI Geeks into GI Warriors.

Following the success of the GEO Business 2016, the team look forward to attending next year’s conference to showcase Azimap's exciting new features and enhancements which will be released as part of the product roadmap to all Azimap customers.

If you were unable to attend the GEO Business Show but would like to receive a personalised demonstration of Azimap, don’t panic complete our simple request form and a member of our team will contact you directly to organise a date and time that best suits your schedule.

However, for now we look forward to meeting you at the INTERGEO conference in Hamburg between 11-13th October 2016.