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Experience Azimap with a Personalised Demonstration

Seeing is believing and the proof is in the doing. Request a personalised demonstration of the Azimap GIS application which is tailored to your requirements, sector and industry. During the live demonstration, our product experts will show you how to -

  • Create a map
  • Import data files e.g shapefile, tab, csv
  • Create multiple-dimensional map, consisting of points, polygons and lines
  • Produce a heat map
  • Publish and share your map

The product expert will also demonstrate Azimap design features to support with the presentation and visualisation of your geographic data.

We all also demonstrate how Azimap is improving and simplifying the geographic reporting and data visualisation within many organisations within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Request a Demo

Our Customers

  • The Irish News
  • Local Link
  • Misulster Council
  • Kildare County Council