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Comment Policy

We encourage visitors to Azimap.com to join the conversation by leaving a comment on our blog. However, we will not tolerate offensive or unprofessional behaviour, as such, we would encourage you to read the following comment policy as it highlights how we expect visitors to behave when commenting on blog content.

Unfortunately, all blog comments are not published immediately. Upon leaving a comment it is sent to the blog administrator to review and approve. When submitting you comment we ask that you do not –

  • Use any curse words or slur terms, this will result in your comment not being published
  • Launch personal attacks on the author or any other commenter
  • Post jokes or aggressive negative comments on the aesthetic appearance of another commentators appearance, even if this was meant as a light-hearted comment
  • Promote your own brand, product or blog

Here are a few things that will get you banned from commenting

  • Engaging in any of the previously mentioned delete-worthy behaviours and as part of a clear pattern of consistent offensive behaviour. We will give our visitors one warning as we appreciate that you may be passionate about some of the topics. However, if you continue to be aggressive and offensive we will escalate the issue and ban you from commenting on future blog content
  • We understand that our readers will have a difference in opinion on many topics which is fine, you are entitled to this. But if we notice a trend with you continuously disagreeing with the opinions of our authors we will give you a written warning. If the issue persists we will escalate the issue and ban you from commenting on future blog content
  • It is at the administrator’s discretion to ban anyone who they feel are trying to create a negative atmosphere for our community of commenters. Naturally we expect our community of commenters to be professional and not behave in an inappropriate or offensive manor, which is why we offer an initial warning before escalating the issue

The primary objective for providing our readers with an opportunity to comment on blog content is to create a community where our readers can leave a review, share their experience and ask questions directly our authors. It’s an open discussion board but we do reserve the right to not disallow comments and ban users should they persist posting offensive, aggressive or abusive comments.

Should you wish to leave a comment we ask that you do so in a professional manner and tone. If you adhere to our requests we will welcome you into our community and your comment will be published.

If you have any questions relating to our comment policy please email pr@azimap.com

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