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Chemical Response GIS Planning


This map has been created to reflect the potential affects following a chemical explosion. This has been simulated using the following data -

Site Data

Location: UK EDIN, UK Building Air Exchanges Per Hour: 0.64 (unsheltered single storied) Time: December 22, 2016 1500 hours ST (user specified)

Chemical Data

Chemical Name: CHLORINE CAS Number: 7782-50-5 Molecular Weight: 70.91 g/mol AEGL-1 (60 min): 0.5 ppm AEGL-2 (60 min): 2 ppm AEGL-3 (60 min): 20 ppm IDLH: 10 ppm Ambient Boiling Point: -29.5° F Vapor Pressure at Ambient Temperature: greater than 1 atm Ambient Saturation Concentration: 1,000,000 ppm or 100.0%

Atmosphere Data

(Manual Input of Data) Wind: 6 miles/hour from E at 3 meters Ground Roughness: urban or forest Cloud Cover: 3 tenths Air Temperature: 6° C Stability Class: E No Inversion Height Relative Humidity: 80%

Source Strength

Direct Source: 33000 liters Source Height: 0 Source State: Gas Source Temperature: equal to ambient Source Pressure: equal to ambient Release Duration: 1 minute Release Rate: 3.78 pounds/sec Total Amount Released: 227 pounds

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