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Duplicate Townland Names In Ireland


Map representing the duplicate townland names in Ireland

Quickly identify the duplicate and unique townland names in Ireland, by using the following analysis tools -

  • Measure Area - using the measure area feature measure the distance in meters squared of townlands with unique or duplicate names
  • Measure Line - using the measure line feature measure the distance in meters and between two townlands with the same name.
  • Select Feature - any polygon on the map to view the feature information
  • Street View - using the google street view a exact location on the map by placing your point your pointer on any road on the map
  • Draw Radius - place a point with a defined radius in Kilometers or miles from a specific location
  • Browse Features - use the browse features tool to search the data set and select any line ID to quickly be zoomed to the location on the map

Townloads are visualised on Polygons and styled using the Polygon Thematic Styling.

The map legend has been configured to remain on, to allow for the easier identification of data.

This map has been created using open data from townlands.ie and using the OSM Standard Baselayer.

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