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Map What Matters With Azimap Free GIS

Activate your free GIS account by subscribing to a free trial of Azimap Cloud GIS. Using Azimap, GIS professionals can import Shp, Tab, CSV, Raster and KML files to visualise, digitise and disseminate location information.

What can you do with a free account

  • Create maps with a maximum of two layers
  • Style your map using the advanced styling and feature editor
  • Carry out advanced spatial analysis
  • GeoCode non spatial information
  • Publish and share maps with your target audience
  • Create print ready copies your map

Azimap Cloud GIS, is available as a SaaS or Enterprise installation.

Upon activating your account you will automatically receive a 30 day free trial of Azimap professional, following this your account will be downgraded to a free account which is limited by data, layers etc as listed above.

Click here to compare plans or alternatively activate your free account.

Introducing Azimap

What is GIS

Our Customers

  • The Irish News
  • Local Link
  • Misulster Council
  • Kildare County Council