• Discover how Mid Ulster Council used Azimap to digitise data

    Mid Ulster Council Partners With Azimap To Digitise And Analyse Waste Collection Data

    27th Mar 2017

    Discover how Mid Ulster Council digitised the collection of trade waste from more then 250 sites across the Dungannon area and increase productivity by 80% using Azimap compared to utilising similar processes on the council’s proprietary GIS

  • ReportAll Incident Reporting App

    ReportAll Partners With Azimap To Publish and Share Incident Reports With Local Authorites

    8th Mar 2017

    ReportAll is a mobile app, which is available to download from both the iTunes and Android stores. ReportAll provides the public with the opportunity to report incidents of illegal tipping, graffiti, dog fouling and litter directly from their smartphone and to local authorities.

  • Raster Support Web GIS

    Raster Support And Enhanced GIS Functionality

    27th Feb 2017

    Azimap web GIS, which is currently used by hundreds of GI professionals worldwide, is delighted to announce with immediate affect the availability of raster support, point clustering, the ability to create a hierarchical structure of layers and numerous user interface enhancements.

  • RHI non domestic Irish News applications

    Leading Regional Newspaper uses Azimap

    23rd Jan 2017

    We’re delighted to announce that the Irish News, a leading regional newspaper used Azimap to publicise the location of RHI applications.

  • Sentinel 2 Map of Ireland

    Sentinel-2a Map of Ireland

    18th Jan 2017

    Our key partner Mallon Technology who has extensive experience in remote sensing shares Sentinel-2a map of Ireland. This map was created using imagery captured by the Copernicus programme.