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Spatial data presented, published and shared your way

Create the maps that matter to your business.
Capture, store, integrate and manipulate various layers of spatial data on a single map, using Azimap web GIS.


  • Map Creation

    Map Creation

    Quickly import spatial data to visualise, analyse, interpret and identify relationships, patterns, and key trends in your data.

  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    Manage, publish and share spatial data using Azimap's publishing tools and display spatial data on a baselayer which best contextualises your data.

  • Spatial Analysis

    Spatial Analysis

    Gain valuable insights in your spatial data to establish relationships and strategically plan corrective action.

  • Integrate with existing infrastructures

    Integrate with existing infrastructures

    Synchronise and display your data in real-time. Integrate with existing processes and create a secure centralised database for your spatial data.

Explore Features


  • Collaboration

    Promote collaboration and open communication between teams to improve deliverables and transparency on tasks within your organisation.

  • Compatibility

    Integrate Azimap with existing IT infrastructures and create a central repository for your spatial data using the Azimap API.

  • Intelligent

    Appreciate the value of place by displaying and analysing your spatial data on a OSM, Google, Bing, Here or other baselayer.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Manage your spatial data, maps and GI requirements from a centralised repository to identify and display relationships in your data.

  • Onboarding Support

    Our dedicated customer support team are ready to help you get started with Azimap.

Our Customers

  • The Irish News
  • Local Link
  • Misulster Council
  • Kildare County Council