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Local Area Plan of Clones


Planning is a very important function of local authorities and is also an important issue for the country and local communities. Planning is about people and place, how future development will be guided to ensure that, together, economic recovery is assured, quality of life is improved and environmental qualities are either protected or enhanced.

Using data from Myplan.ie, a free and easy to use public information system for Ireland we have represented the development plan for the area of Clones.

Use this map to identify information about plans and other information which is relevant to planning decision-making (census, heritage sites, patterns of housing development etc) that will not only be of benefit to citizens but will also assist with coordination between local authorities and more generally with the delivery of public services.

Key Map Features

  • Select Feature - select any polygon on the map to view the planning information associated to the specific area
  • Street View - use the Google street view tool to view any location on the map by placing a point on any road
  • Browse Features - use the browse feature tool to search all data by keyword to quickly find your data and view the feature information
  • Draw Radius - use the draw radius feature to place a buffer around your specific area, defining the radius in miles or kilometers
  • Map Legend - use the map legend to quickly identify the Clones LAP areas
  • What3words - as postcodes aren't used in Ireland, use the What3Words feature to quickly identify the What3Words name of any area on the maps

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