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Rivers Defined Under the Water Framework Directive


The Northern Ireland River Water Bodies, under Article 2(4) of the Water Framework Directive, are required to publish river features. To comply with this, the 1st cycle river basin plans (2009 - 2015) have been published on Open Data NI.

The data which was topologically corrected to ensure that the rivers were within the catchments defined as river water bodies for the Water Framework Directive.

The original dataset was corrected externally as part of a low flow model project and the corrected features were assigned a Strahler stream order.

Use the following tools to -

  • Select Features - select any line on the map the view the feature details
  • Measure Lines - use the measure line tool to discover the length in meters of any river
  • Measure Areas - use the measured area of a defined area in meters square
  • Spatial Analysis - Analyse the data on the map using the spatial analysis query to identify and visualise all data from a defined radius from a specific feature location in miles or kilometres. Spatial analysis scripts can be auto-generated using the spatial features or can be manually created and executed to return your desired spatial query.

For additional information on how to create custom spatial queries request a personalised demo or subscribe to a 30 free trial of Azimap professional.

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