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Smokemont 40 ft Contours


The Smokemont 40 ft Interval Contour Lines serves as the Smokemont 40 ft Interval Contour Line layer of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and provides basic elevation information for earth science studies and mapping applications in the park. The data are utilized by the scientific and resource management communities for change research, hydrologic modeling, resource monitoring, mapping and visualization applications. Smokemont 40 ft Interval Contour Lines provides the best available public domain vector elevation

Smokemount 40FT Contours Dataset Attributes

Contour - min: 2,000 max: 5,320 avg: 3,477.45 count: 6,526

Type - min: 1 max: 2 avg: 1 count: 6,526

EDITDate - 12/17/2012 to 12/17/2012

RuleID - 1 (5219), 2 (1307)

Data Source - Open Data

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