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Location of Tectonic Plates


The earth is covered by irregular shaped rocks known as plates. There are three categories of plates based on the total area of the plate: major, minor or secondary plates. Minor plates are less than 20 million km2 in size but greter than one million km2. Plates that are smaller than one million km2 are known are microplates.

Plate tectonics expands on the continental drift theory and is based on the concept that there are seven or eight major plates and numerous minor plates and microplates that are made up of either the oceanic or continental lithosphere .

Using freely available tectonic plate data in the form of a shape file we have produced a line map to visualise the location of the tectonic plates throughout the world.

Displayed on a Stamen Toner baselayer, select any line to display the feature information including name, source and type. Lines have been styled using the map styler.

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