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ReportAll Partners With Azimap To Publish and Share Incident Reports With Local Authorites

ReportAll is a mobile app, which is available to download from both the iTunes and Android stores. ReportAll provides the public with the opportunity to report incidents of illegal tipping, graffiti, dog fouling and litter directly from their smartphone and to local authorities.

Developed by Bann Technology Ltd, ReportAll raises local issues directly with local councillors and authorities therefore improving communications between constituents, elected officials and government departments.

ReportAll covers both ends of the process from reporting an incident, (e.g. fly tipping, fouling, litter, etc) to how the local authority or department manages the issue being reported.

Project Name

Spatial Analysis and Reporting of Incidents with Government Officials and Local Communities

Project Outcomes

The primary objective of the project is to improve communications and sharing of information with both local communities and authorities via the -

  • visualisation of reported incidents
  • private sharing of information with local authorities
  • importing data via Azimap’s WMS support
  • spatial analysis to identify areas hotspots areas
  • embedding of maps on third party website

How Azimap was Used to Fulfil Project Requirements?

To fulfil the project requirements, we used Azimap’s API to import data directly from the ReportAll PostGIS SQL database. By automating the data management process we were immediately able to use Azimap’s map creation and presentation features to analyse, present and share reported incidents using polygon, point and heatmaps with the relevant government officials.

We were also able to print maps with selected featured information to support the production of reports and proposals to existing and prospective clients to highlight how powerful ReportAll can become when combined with Azimap to support the presentation and sharing of reported incidents.

Benefits of Azimap

1. Being cloud based GIS was of extreme importance for ReportAll primarily because the ReportAll application is supported in the cloud and we required a cloud GIS that would complement our application in terms of speed and accessibility of data

2. The ability to manipulate and layer data was of great benefit, as our customers are representatives from different departments and required the ability to break up the data and display each relevant layer and any future possible overlay on the map with their own data in the future

3. On-boarding support, it was important for us to partner with software provider who understood our business requirements and could mentor us to ensure we implemented the best reporting solution

4. Choice of plans, this was extremely important to us as it ensured that Aziamp fulfilled our immediate business objectives yet could grow with our business

Visit www.reportall.org for more information on ReportAll and to learn how you can download the app and start reporting incidents in your community.

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