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Bus lanes bank £31m in a year for councils


Throughout England, almost 4,000 motorists are fined daily for driving in a bus lane, banking councils £31m in a year.

Analysing data published by the BBC, it has been reviled that of the 160 authorities responsible for highways in England, 64 of which had bus lane cameras, offering councils a much needed cash cow.

Upon analysing the data it is estimated that the 160 authorities bank £31m between 2015-16, with the most lucrative camera located on the northbound section of John Dobson Street in Newcastle-upon-Tyne making £6,000 every 24 hours.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said:

"Bus lane cameras are fast becoming a new 'cash bonanza' for councils. The amount of money being raised by them in fines is frightening.

"Rather than just rubbing their hands together and taking the money councils should be asking questions as to why so many motorists are being caught driving in bus lanes."

Drivers and opposition councillors argue that the bus lane layouts are confusing and that the bus lane timings aren’t clearly communicated to motorists which is resulting in the issue of penalty notices.

To help inform motorists of the location of bus lanes in operation throughout England and the hot-spots where penalty notices are being issued we have produced a visual representation of the data shared by the BBC.

This visual representation, produced as a point and heatmap provides motorists with key information such –

  • The locality and county of bus lanes
  • Days in operation
  • Gross income since installation
  • Gross income per day and per year
  • Penalty notice charged
  • Discount for early payment

In publishing this visual representation we hope that it will inform motorist of the location of bus lanes and therefor avoid penalties and for local authorities and communities where bus lanes are in operation how lucrative they have become.

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