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Belfast Bike Stations


National Bike Week is an opportunity to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. Demonstrating the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling, the week aims to get people to give cycling a go all over the UK, whether this be for fun, as a means of getting around to work or school, the local shops or just to visit friends.

Bike Week takes place between 10-18th June and to support this we encouraging those living or visiting Belfast to jump on a Coca Cola Zero Belfast Bike to explore the city.

Using open data published by Belfast City Council, locate your nearest bike docking station by exploring our interactive map. This interactive map provides those visiting Belfast City Centre with the docking station location and Lat / Long co-ordinates.

Exploring Belfast on two wheels provides you with an opportunity to see the city from a new perspective whist getting fit in the process.

Don't forget to share your experience on social media using #bikeweekuk

Data Source

Belfast City Council

Map Details

The location of the Coca Cola Zero Belfast Bike Docking Stations has been represented using a point map with an OSM Dark Transport baselayer. The points have been styled using the bike icon which is part of the transport extended symbol library within Azimap. Visualise your spatial data by signing up to a free trial.

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