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GIS For Business

This webinar is suitable for organisations and students who would like to learn how GIS can be used to evaluate consumer behaviour to establish trends that may not have been discovered without the use of GIS.

During the webinar, we will showcase the digitising capabilities suitable for small businesses associated the drawing and editing of feature information using Azimap. In addition, we will demonstrate the tools to use to analyse customer information.

Webinar Objectives

  • To provide delegates with an understanding of Azimap GIS including its strengths and limitations
  • Introduce core functionality of Azimap GIS
  • To Demonstrate the fundamental process required to import, manipulate, analyse, interpret, manage and disseminate information to your target audience
  • Showcase the advanced digitising capabilities of Azimap
  • Demonstrate the data analysis tools to help make informed decisions on your customers

Learning outcomes

  • The process / workflow associated to the importing of spatial files (shape, spatial csv, tab, KML or raster)
  • Learn how to draw and edit points, line and polygons
  • Learn how to use the data analysis tools to identify key trends in customer information
  • How to use the map styler to create meaningful symbology for your data
  • How to use the multiple sharing and embedding options to support the dissemination of information
  • How to create print ready copies of maps
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