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GIS for Location Intelligence

During the webinar, we will demonstrate how to import, digitise, analyse and disseminate location data using Azimap GIS.

Webinar Objectives

  • To provide delegates with an understanding of Azimap GIS including its strengths and limitations
  • Introduce core functionality of Azimap GIS
  • To demonstrate how to import, manipulate, analyse, interpret, manage and disseminate information to your target audience
  • Showcase real-world example of how Azimap is being used

Learning Outcomes

  • The process / workflow associated to the importing of spatial files (shape, spatial csv, tab, KML or raster)
  • Digitising of feature information • How to split, merge and join polygons
  • Using the spatial analysis tool to digitise / redigitise information
  • How to use the map styler to create meaningful symbology for your data
  • Using the feedback tool to promote citizen reporting and cross functional collaboration
  • How to use the multiple sharing and embedding options to support the dissemination of information
  • How to create print ready copies of maps
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