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Improving Planning & Coordination through the Visualisation of Data

Cavan Monaghan Transport Co-Ordination Unit CLG (CMTCU) is one of the 17 Transport Co-Ordination Units for Ireland. They are responsible for the management, co-ordination and delivery of a combination of scheduled Public & Community Transport Services. CMTCU provides over 70 bus services across all major towns in both counties and enable residents to access public services including transport, financial, health & shopping.

CMTCU Project

With responsibility for a large number of rural bus services & clients, CMTCU faces significant challenges in the organisation and planning of their different services and the provision of accurate information to their clients. Information held by CMTCU on their various bus routes and their clients was stored across disparate datasets causing delays in planning and response to client enquiries.

CMTCU also struggled to plan the most efficient routes for their drivers to ensure they ran a smooth and reliable service for their clients. The disparate nature of their data meant that when new clients or pick-ups were added to their routes it was hard to share this with the appropriate driver.

How CMTCU Used Azimap

By using Azimap, CMTCU were able to quickly and easily import GPX files they had collected of all their existing routes. The data they had gathered was instantly available to view within Aizmap and enabled CMTCU to visualise and better understand their current bus routes. Further to their imported data, Azimap's simple digitisation functionality allowed CMTCU staff to digitise additional routes and pick-up locations.

By digitising their routes, CMTCU were able to significantly improve their responses to client enquiries. When a new pick-up location was requested they were now able to easily identify the most appropriate route it should be added to. This information was then easily relayed to the client and driver and the booking confirmed.

Azimap has also been utilised by CMTCU to plan and coordinate their working life. CMTCU staff are able to configure their searches to return results on routes and pick-up times, enabling the team to efficiently plan the best routes and easily share this information across their whole team.

Benefits of Azimap

  • Azimap's simple digitisation tool enabled CMTCU to quickly map new routes & pick-up locations, helping to improve planning & coordination of their operations
  • Azimap works with multiple spatial data types and by using the intuitive drag & drop data importer, CMTCU were able to create & view maps quickly & easily
  • Azimap's configurable search tools mean that CMTCU are able to find the necessary route or pick-up location information in an instant, leading to improved client response times
  • Visualising their data on a map has made it easier for CMTCU to identify new routes or problems & has helped to improve their decision making process
  • Azimap's publishing tools have made it easier than ever for CMTCU staff to share information across the organisation. Improving collaboration, Azimap has made it possible for drivers to instantly access adjustments or modifications to routes or pick-up locations
  • Azimap's centralised data repository enables CMTCU to store & access all their spatial data in one centralised location, helping to improve the time spent searching for information

Customer Testimonial

"Azimap allowed us to quickly digitise our current routes and import and map new routes. The ability to add detailed analytics and use basic and advanced search tools allow us to quickly visualise and build up detailed information on current and planned routes."

Padraic Smyth

Manager, Local Link Cavan Monaghan

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