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Helping volunteers to assist during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Limerick Volunteer Centre (LVH) is a charitable organisation based in the heart of Limerick City. LVH provides an independent and free matching service to encourage more people to become involved in volunteering across the city and county. LVH acts as a link between different organisations to help advise people to their options and to help these organisation support volunteers by adopting principles of best practice.

During this current COVID-19 Pandemic, LVH has seen a surge in both volunteers signing up to help and in organisations who are dealing with COVID-19 requiring assistance. Due to the locations of volunteers throughout Limerick County, LVH needed to have a way of determining which volunteers could attend prevalent locations to support the organisation combatting COVID-19 in a quick effective manner.

What LVH did with Azimap

By using Azimap, LVH staff were able to import a CSV spreadsheet containing names and locations of volunteers into their Azimap account. This allowed LVH to use Azimap to locate which volunteers were in the vicinity when a request came for volunteer assistance. The process involved:

  • Importing a CSV spreadsheet into Azimap
  • Plotting the locations on a layer using Azimap's Geocoding service
  • Adding the layer to a new map

Once this had been completed, LVH was able to use Azimap's Buffer Select tool to determine which volunteers were in the vicinity of any request as it came in. They could then simply run the report and export an Excel Spreadsheet of the volunteer details to be contacted. As there were no personal details in the data, this map could be shared using Azimap's Share tool. By sharing the map as a web link, even non-Azimap users were able to access the information and run similar queries.

The Benefits

  • A quick and simple process that anyone could complete
  • Ability to share information with all relevant parties from 1 account
  • LVH was able to significantly reduce the time required to determine suitable volunteers

Azimap during the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are using Azimap during the current situation for any purpose then we would love to help you. Please get in touch below to see how we could help you!

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