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Limerick City & County Council Successfully Deploys Azimap to Improve Planning

The Client

Limerick County is situated in the heart of the Irish Mid-West, with a population of over 190,000 and the third-largest city in Ireland. Limerick City & County Council is responsible for all the local services in the city and county regions.

The Problem

Limerick City & County Council required an up to date web GIS to fit into their existing data model and infrastructure. This had to include Geoserver as the map server and PostgreSQL with PostGIS as the database server.

How Limerick City & County Council Deployed Azimap

Azimap was deployed within the council to create corporate web maps for consumption by staff internally and public citizens externally. Limerick Council primarily uses Azimap to map their planning information. Their planning information maps consist of hundreds of data layers which are organised by the administrators to be accessible for various stakeholders.

Additionally, the council utilise the Azimap Planning Enquiry module to provide search facilities for planning and enforcement throughout the council. This module is available to public users, with reduced information and restricted access to certain data. Internally, council staff can access the full extent of the module to search for all relevant planning/corporate information.

The Benefits of Azimap

  • Central software for publishing all map data
  • Easy publishing of maps
  • Azimap fits seamlessly into existing data storage model
  • Both internal & external users can use planning enquiry system
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