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GIS For Local Government

Using GIS To Make Smarter Decisions, Improve Service Delivery and Increase Citizen Engagement

GIS provides governments with the tools to make smarter decisions, improve service delivery, increase citizen engagement and promote collaborative working throughout the authority.

GIS is used throughout many departments within local government for asset management, strategic planning, demographic characteristics, emergency planning and more.

Azimap provides government officials with the capability to work collaboratively and smarter to digitise, publish and share maps with its citizens. Azimap enables local government departments to become more transparent with its citizens, when planning resource and service allocations.

The key benefits of Azimap within local government is workflow management and that it can be used alongside existing applications as Azimap supports all major spatial files (shp, tab, kml, csv and GeoTIFF).

Discover how local government can benefit from GIS by requesting a personalised demo or by signing up to a free trial.

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