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  • Key Trends Influencing GIS

    8th Dec 2016

    Geospatial intelligence has never been more important to enabling and enhancing the decision-making process in the interest of “Public Good”. As 2016 comes to an end, we wanted to share with you the key trends which we feel will influence GIS throughout 2017.

  • Kildare County Council GIS Project

    Kildare County Council Plans Public Services With GIS

    28th Nov 2016

    Kildare County Council is one of the main satellite counties of Dublin, partners with Azimap to migrate from a legacy desktop GIS to a web GIS. The overall objective of the council is to maximise collective knowledge, contacts and expertise to plan and co-ordinate service delivery in an integrated, efficient and effective manner.

  • Azimap Exhibits At The Web Summit

    Web Summit key trends and reveiw of our exhibiting experience

    22nd Nov 2016

    We recently had an opportunity to exhibit at Europe’s largest technology market place, Web Summit. The conference which attracted more than 53,000 delegates from 167 countries offered more than 1,000 companies with an opportunity to exhibit and pitch their business to potential new customers.

  • Envo-Geo Partners With Azimap

    LiDAR feature recognition Using GIS

    15th Nov 2016

    With 17 years’ experience in the GI sector, Envo-GEO (Environmental Geoinformatics) specialise in providing GIS, remote sensing and 3D environmental data modelling solutions to public, private and research clients throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • Using GIS To Map Crime

    Using GIS To Plan Emergency Response Teams

    1st Nov 2016

    In recent years the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) to map crime within law enforcement and emergency service departments has become essential in order for them to become more transparent. Historically, law enforcement agencies depended on the hardcopy maps to chart criminal activity. However, they were static and as crime rates increased, they became difficult to manage.

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