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road-map News

  • Azimap New User Interface

    Azimap Announces Major User Interface Changes

    20th May 2021

    The latest version of Azimap launches today, featuring major new user interface redesigns to deliver significant improvements to the user experience.

  • Azimap Version Screenshot

    Newest Version of Azimap Now Available

    27th Aug 2020

    The latest version of Azimap is now available for all customers. Included in this update are a number of new features, including a walking route generator, walking time analysis and improved measurement tools among many others.

  • Azimap Version 5.7 Available Now!

    Latest Version of Azimap Now Available

    13th Sep 2018

    Introducing a number of major new features, including Geocoding, Sketch Layers, Speed Limits & Data Joins, Azimap 5.7 is now available for all existing customers.

  • Azimap 5.5 New Public Data Library

    Azimap Launches New Public Data Library

    26th Apr 2018

    Azimap version 5.5 is now available for all existing customers, featuring a number of new User Interface improvements, new additional features and a brand new Public Data Library.

  • Raster Support Web GIS

    Raster Support And Enhanced GIS Functionality

    27th Feb 2017

    Azimap web GIS, which is currently used by hundreds of GI professionals worldwide, is delighted to announce with immediate affect the availability of raster support, point clustering, the ability to create a hierarchical structure of layers and numerous user interface enhancements.

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