Azimap Summer '16 Roadmap Announcement

Mon 13th Jun 2016

Azimap Summer 2016 Product Roadmap Announcement

We’re excited to announce that we are currently in the process of scheduling the next major release to the Azimap core, expected Summer ’16.

Highlights of the Summer ’16 Product Roadmap

My Account Area

Within the, my account area, customers can manage their account details, modify personal details, reset their password and manage their subscription types.

UTF Grid - Feature enhancement

To improve the presentation and visualisation of data Azimap users will be able to hover over a feature and be presented with the feature information instantly without any delay. Currently, existing customers of Azimap have to click to be presented with the feature details and wait on a server call for the information to be presented. Combining the existing “on click” with an “on hover” action will significantly improve the user experience and display the information in real-time without delay.

Import Data Format Types

At present Azimap customers can import new or legacy data as a csv, tab, shape and KML file. As part of the fourth Summer ’16 release, users will be able to import spatial CSVs.

Third Party WMS Support

Customers will have the opportunity to consume and display data from third party WMS servers.

In addition to these new features, the Summer ’16 release will also include a number of bug fixes to the Azimap Core.

Product Availability

During the release window, some features or functionality may become unavailable. To ensure minimal interruption of services we aim to schedule releases out of hours, however, for real-time service announcements connect with Azimap on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have any additional questions, regarding the forthcoming Summer ’16 release please contact our client support team.