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Map Creation

Quickly and easily create maps like never-before. Azimap's map creation tools have simplified and improved the process of importing and adding data to maps. Simply drag and drop multiple datasets in multiple formats, click import and let Azimap handle the rest. It's as easy as that!

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Map Creation features Azimap

Data Visualisation

See your data in a whole new light. Azimap's data visualisation tools make it easy to create beautiful looking and insightful maps with a couple of clicks. Removing the need to learn complex code sequences, the advanced styling wizard will make it quicker and easier to visualise your data and interpret the results to support your strategic decisions.

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Data Visualisation Features Azimap


Deliver new insights and identify relationships in your data. Azimap's analysis tools are revolutionising data analysis on the web. The advanced analysis tools provide greater control and flexibility over your data enabling the creation of complex SQL or spatial queries with no coding experience necessary. With all queries available as new data layers, results can be viewed, analysed and exported like never-before.

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Advanced Analysis Features Azimap

Integrate With Existing IT Infrastructures

Transform the way your organisation manages its data. Azimap's integration tools will improve collaboration across teams and departments thanks to publishing tools that have made it easier than ever to share maps and data. External databases can be connected in a matter of seconds to provide real-time synchronisation and the central data repository will change the way your organisation manages and accesses its data.

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Integrate with Existing Infrastructure Features Azimap
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