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Raster Support And Enhanced GIS Functionality

Azimap web GIS, which is currently used by hundreds of GI professionals worldwide, is delighted to announce with immediate affect the availability of raster support, point clustering, the ability to create a hierarchical structure of layers and numerous user interface enhancements.

The winter release, Azimap 4.5, provides the experienced and non-experienced professional with the tools to create the maps which matter to their business using an affordable, powerful and user friendly web GIS.

The primary focus of Azimap 4.5 was unquestionably the introduction of raster support. The introduction of raster support is a significant development which provides users with a mechanism to import orthophotography in GeoTiff format. This imagery can then not only be shared with internal and external stakeholders on dynamic web maps, but also used as custom base layers so that your business data can be analysed in relation to your imagery. When this functionality is used in conjunction with satellite imagery or drone survey imagery, it is possible to create some very striking maps showing a high level of detail.

In addition to raster support, the Azimap 4.5 release provides users with the following new features –

  • Opportunity to create a hierarchical structure of layers
  • Visualise densely populate point layers more clearly via point clustering
  • Print maps and the selected underlying feature information

The 4.5 release includes numerous enhancements to existing workflow processes such as improved -

  • Validation to support group creation
  • Map definition creation
  • Streamlined data import process
  • Enhanced sharing capabilities via iFrame
  • Mobile responsive enhancements
  • Payment options with the introduction of Realex secure payment gateway

It is our commitment to continuously refine existing processes, introduce new features and improve the user experience within Azimap which sets our offering apart from other web GIS applications.

David McQuillan MD of Azimap explains

“The 4.5 release is testament to our commitment to develop an affordable user led web GIS to enable businesses to become more efficient in the capturing, storing, analysis and sharing of their spatial data. The focus on raster support within 4.5 release was crucial to ensuring that our users have the necessary tools to complete all major tasks.

Whilst we have continued to release significant feature enhancements throughout 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, our primary focus over the next quarter will be streamlining Azimap to ensure the process for completing all major tasks is as intuitive as possible.

This is an exciting time for the Azimap team as we enter into the next phase of our product development and focus on increasing market opportunities outside of the UK and Ireland.”

Details of the next release will be announced within the coming weeks. However, until then talk to us about your GIS project and let us give you a personal demonstration of Azimap web GIS. For more information on Azimap visit www.azimap.com or meet us at an event near you.

Nicola Hyndman

Nicola Hyndman - Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Nicola is passionate about customer service, communication, digital marketing and market research. She strives to keep our community engaged and informed of all developments within our team and application.

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