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Kildare County Council Launch GIS Planning Portal

The planning enquiry portal provides citizens with an interactive map and search resource to view planning related information.The launch of the interactive planning spatial data visualisation mapping interface, is the GIS departments first steps to improving communications with its citizens while taking the necessary measures to fulfil the councils vision outlined in its 2017 – 2023 strategic development plan.

Working in partnership with Azimap’s software development team, the GIS department within Kildare County Council have successful launch the planning portal which includes the following high-level features -

1.Intuitive User Interface Design

A fundamental requirement for the planning portal was ensuring that visitors were offered an intuitive interface which could be easily navigated. To achieve this, we developed numerous user based scenarios to streamline workflow and the process associated to identifying the desired information. By completing this process, we quickly established the most optimum feature location for the map, basic / advanced search and search results controls.

2.Base Search

Critical to the success of the planning portal is the base search capabilities which provide visitors to the portal with an opportunity to quickly search by Planning ID. Upon searching by planning ID, the map automatically zooms to the planning application where the details associated to application are clearly presented on the map.

3.Advanced Search

To compliment the base search, advanced search capabilities have been implemented. This provides the user with the opportunity to search all planning applications associated to a layer or search by field to quickly identify and zoom to the planning application of interest.


Having the opportunity to print to a PDF provides users with the flexibility to print and store a hardcopy of the planning applications. The print information includes planning ID, status, description, applicant details and map image.

The launch of the planning portal, is the first phase of Kildare County Councils development plan to improve planning and digitising workflows associated with the management of spatial data to promote cross functional collaboration throughout the council.

Martin Donnelly GIS Manager explains –

“The launch of the planning portal is a significant achievement for the council which increases transparency and accountability with its citizens. The portal, offers citizens with the tools to quickly search, zoom to, view application information on an interactive map and print planning applications at their convenience without support from council officials which is a fundamental requirement of the counties 2017 – 2023 strategic development plan.

The GIS department has worked in partnership with the Azimap project development and wider GIS consultancy teams to create the most efficient workflow to ensure the planning portal is a success.”

The Kildare planning portal is an excellent example the GIS consultancy and development services available within the Azimap team and we look forwarding to continuing to work in partnership with Martin and his team to achieve the vision of the council.

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Nicola Hyndman

Nicola Hyndman - Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Nicola is passionate about customer service, communication, digital marketing and market research. She strives to keep our community engaged and informed of all developments within our team and application.

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