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Irish News use Azimap to Improve Story Interaction

We're delighted to announce that the Irish News have once again used Azimap to bring greater depth and insight into one of their leading stories.

The Irish News' latest story centres around a topic that has been dominating the headlines in Ireland recently, an ongoing housing crisis. The crisis comes as rising prices, a growing population and a shortage of available houses has meant that younger people are being squeezed out of the property market. This has had a further knock on effect as homelessness has risen by as much as 30% across the country.

The article uses Azimap to provide Irish News readers with fresh insight into the story and a new understanding of the core issues behind the crisis. By using Azimap, readers of the article are able to interact with the story, visualise the figures behind the crisis and feel more personally involved with the story.

The map is an updated version of a map that Mallon Technology featured earlier in the year. The map displays the number of homeless adults by county vs the number of vacant houses/flats in each county. Using the swipe tool, it quickly becomes apparent which areas of the country are struggling with both homelessness and vacant properties. The map has been created using open sources and displays results from the latest available official statistics.

Azimap is helping to improve the way open data is visualised and analysed and we're delighted that the Irish News have used Azimap to improve their reader experience and understanding behind some of its biggest stories.

To learn more about how Azimap could help your organisation to better visualise and understand its data, why not get in touch.

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Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett - Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive for Mallon Technology, Andrew has over 5 years experience working in the GIS industry. He uses his experience to ensure that the Azimap community is kept informed on all the latest industry & product developments.

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