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Meet Our Newest Intern Jessica

Meet Jessica, Software Development Intern

Meet Jessica our latest intern, a computing foundation degree student from South West College. Jessica has become an integral member of our team, her personality is infections and her lunches are the envy of the team.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well I'm Jessica from Cookstown. I’m in my final year of a Foundation Degree in Computing at South West College. Upon completing my Foundation Degree, I would like to further my studies at either the University of Ulster or Queens to get an Under Graduate Degree in Computing.

What made you pursue a career as a software developer?

I was drawn to the Tech sector from studying Programming at College. I find coding fascinating, knowing a program can be created from a line of text.

How did the opportunity arise to join Azimap?

I was introduced to the company by a lecturer at South West College. She organised an interview and the rest is history.

Can you remember your first day at work?

I do! I was nervous yet excited. I had no idea what to expect but thankfully the nerves didn’t last as the team immediately put me at ease.

I spent the majority of my first day completing formalities such as the induction process, I was also introduced to the NI team which consists of 22 across all departments. There is also approximately 55 of a team in Ireland. I have to admit I didn’t remember to many names but thankfully I now know everyone.

I also remember the software team was very busy as they had three applications being released, but everyone still made an effort to make me feel welcome and included.

The team also celebrated my first day with buns. Which was lovely.

Can you describe a typical working week?

I currently spend most of my time working on a new app. This is a remote data capture app which will integrate with Azimap to support the publishing and dissemination of data, which is exciting.

I also provide customer support via the helpdesk.

What do you enjoy most working with the Azimap team?

The people are very friendly and supportive. If I need assistance the team are always willing to offer their time to explain the issue and the resolve.

It’s also a very proactive learning environment and I feel that I learn something new daily through peer support. Which is important.

Have the skills you've developed during your placement supported you in your studies and future career development?

Since starting my placement, I’ve learnt a variety of skills which has given me an indication of how I would like to develop my career in the future.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I would like to continue my studies at university and further develop my software development skills. I would like to travel the world and experience different cultures.

Would you recommend other girls to pursue a career in IT, if so why?


We need more women in the Tech industry as it is predominantly male oriented. However, I feel women can help give a different perspective to problem solving and software development.

Finally, Jessica what’s the best thing about working here?

The best thing about the company is that its not a stressful place to work and they encourage personal development. Everyone is friendly, work well together and are very supportive.

If would like to learn more our intern and graduate opportunities please email careers@azimap.com

Nicola Hyndman

Nicola Hyndman - Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Nicola is passionate about customer service, communication, digital marketing and market research. She strives to keep our community engaged and informed of all developments within our team and application.

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