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What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) provides organisations with a solution to capture, edit, publish and share geographic information in a contextual format via the use of maps.

It offers advanced spatial analysis and drawing features required to visualise, analyse and interpret geographic information to understand the relationship between patterns and trends within geographic data.

A GIS can be used to display and analyse any type of location data for example, population data such as income, education level, local amenities (schools, health care services, public transport connections), crime rates in specific areas etc.

A GIS is suitable for organisations of all sizes and from all industries.

How does a GIS work?

GIS is designed to capture, edit, publish and analyse geographic information.

GIS data can be imported in multiple formats including shape, csv, shape.csv, txt, KML and xml format. Data can also be captured from 3rd party WMS systems or via the use of the APi.

The key advantage of a GIS is that provides organisations with the opportunity to create a centralised repository for their geographic information which they can in turn visualise and analyse on a map. Enabling organisations to establish trends and patterns in their location data and implement strategies which align with their objectives and location data.

What Azimap offers

Azimap is a web GIS which provides organisations with the tools to import, publish, share and analyse location data on web maps. Azimap offers organisations with the advanced spatial analysis tools to measure, draw, split and join features based on their key location data. It provides organisations with the flexibility to work collaboratively to create, edit, publish and share their geographic information. Maps can be shared publically via a URL, embedded onto a webpage or converted into a pdf. Finally, it’s available as an enterprise class solution or monthly subscription depending on the organisations requirements.

Discover how Azimap’s web GIS can be used to visualise and analyses your geographic data by requesting a personalised demonstration.

Nicola Hyndman

Nicola Hyndman - Marketing Manager

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