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Planning Search Portal For Northern Ireland

Changing the way developers, planning officers, building control and the public search, find and access planning information and planning application documents.

Free to access, Northern Ireland's newest planning search portal makes it quicker and easier to find detailed information about recent or historic planning applications throughout Northern Ireland.

Thanks to the intuitive map interface, visitors no longer have to search through complicated websites to identify the status or associated documents of a planning application. This can now be done at a simple glance over our new planning search map.

The advanced search capabilities of the planning search portal means users can search planning applications from throughout Northern Ireland by town, address, postcode, planning number, applicant name or planning type.

Using The Planning Portal

By default on loading a map, it will display all planning applications for your chosen period. Hovering the cursor over a point on the map will display basic information about that planning application such as applicants name, planning number, date submitted and a brief description of the proposed plans. Selecting a point, will display detailed planning information along with a link to view associated documents.

In addition to viewing the planning information visitors can also use the measuring tools to measure the site boundary in meter square or hectares. Visitors can also use the place radius tool to locate hospitals, emergency services and schools from a specific distance from their planning application.

All the points on the map are colour coded depending on the type of planning application. Points that are surrounded by a green square represent applications that have been granted permission.

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